Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey, What's Your Handicap?

Hey, what's your handicap? (click on cartoon to enlarge)
I saw this cartoon by Glen McCoy in the Belleville New Democrat, Belleville, IL, and thought it so appropriate for Costa Rica. Go anywhere, and see if you can find a handicap parking spot, which is empty. Just watching the people get out of cars, usually very young people, it begs the question, "Hey, what's your handicap?" If only I could say that in Spanish now! After having been with several of my handicapped friends, and not being able to find a vacant spot, I know what they go through. Shopping is not easy for those who would be much more comfortable if they could find a closer parking spot, where marked parking is provided, the room by the parking spot to get out/in, say nothing of the gutters and extremely uneven, or broken sidewalks just getting to the store. The person pushing the wheel chair, has the hardest job, getting inside the store. I know the newer stores and shopping centers have made great strides to accommodate the growing older population, not only aging gringos, Ticos as well, but how nice would it be to have even sidewalks, and wider entrance ramps from the street to the sidewalk. Education in the schools, teaching children the respect for others needs, and proper enforcement of the law, would be a big help. Just a thought...