Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finished Toe-Up Socks! Started Maddy...

Finished these while working at the B&B... Guests were fabulous and I could visit and knit for most of the time I worked on these socks. Now I am working on Maddy, a beautiful longer length top, with lace panels. It will be darling when I am finished with it. The lace pattern is easy enough, just have to remember where I am in the chart when I pick it up again. It is a neck-down project.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some days, just too busy to write....

I have been so busy, that I simply must catch up on some of my posting ....

I shot some pictures of the pups yesterday, while I was taking a minute to do some knitting and relaxed on the patio. This year we are getting more rain than we did last year, so I am trying to enjoy the sun and freshness of the valley when I get the chance to. They love resting with me, and still have not settled who gets to in my lap, when, either. Sunni has had to become more assertive to get his lap time, and is asking to get up more than he ever did before. Ginger just leaps up, and takes me by surprise most of the time. Her hair is growing in on her hind quarters pretty good now, and she is no longer bare, and what a pretty coat she has. I finally decided that she must be a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. If I cut her in the standard way, she would look like a standard. I don't care for the long hair look on the jaw line, so she will not have that. I think she is cuter with it trimmed back, so she does not wear her food. Ginger fits her to a tee!

A friend wanted to go to Poas a couple of weeks ago, so we drove up. Coming back was the hardest I have ever seen it rain when I was in the car. There were 3 accidents on the Auto Pista, I think 2 were the result of the first one. Before we got on the main highway, we saw a neat little shop and stopped to look at what they had. Most things were imports from El Salvador and Peru, and mostly hand knitted items. Well, you know I just had to touch every garment and cloth in the shop. There were felted items also. I purchased 3 beautiful scarves, hand woven, and the fiber has a wonderful, lush feel to it. And colors to die for....

I will go back, and get a gorgeous, wool table clothes they had, which I think would look wonderful on a bed as well. They were so bright in color, and stunning. The sweaters were fabulous, though I would have a hard time wearing one here. I am sure some people could wear them comfortably, but not me.

Sundays, we have been spending at NavCafe in San Ramon in the garden, well part of the time anyway. We run for the cafe when the rain starts. The Jazz concerts are fabulous! You must come out to see them, noon to 2 pm. Joe and his Tico band members are easy on the ear. Jeff sits in with his guitar occasionally too. Steve introduced his variety of breads for sampling this past Sunday. NavCafe is going to put in a baking area, so Steve can make bread, and I was teasing them they just have to let me make some of my delicious cakes too. Mine are so much better then the cakes they bake here. They do not use baking soda like we do, so they are not as light or moist as northerners make. I think a Texas cake would go like gang busters here. When I make them here, they do not last long, no matter where I take them. And visiting with all my friends is always the high light of the afternoon. The comfortable sofas and a good glass of Sangria make it difficult to leave too soon. Having a great northern style hamburger, or a great salad always hits the spot.

I am looking forward to the Olympics starting too. Ravelry, the knitters/crocheters version on "My Space" is having the Ravelympics, and everyone has been signing up for teams like crazy. The moderators have been so busy with that...I can't imagine doing that. But I am team captain for Team Bichon Blitz and Team Costa Rica, and will participate in events, Sock Put, making socks, and Pets Pommel Horse event, making a Cables & Bits cover for Sunni. We have 17 days to complete our projects, and even have a Finish Line to post our projects as we finish them. What fun!! I'll post them here in my blog also, so you can see what I will be working so hard on. The funny thing is that after choosing patterns and yarns to do the projects, I realized I have chosen the same color scheme for both of them, neon colors. It was by accident, not intentional.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On a happier note...

I am recovering from the loose of Spanky, though it has been very difficult, I did adopt another dog to care for in my home. Ginger is a delight! She is 5 years old, the same as Sunni, and they have not completely bonded yet. I think it was very hard for Sunni also, because he had always been with Spanky, his 'dad', and pal. As you can see from the picture, Ginger is a blond/golden color, and I am sure she is a breed, though I am not sure which. I thought she may be a mix, but I did see a dog on a movie, "Open Range", last night that looked just like her. So I will have to see if I can find out what kind of a dog she is. When I got her, her hind quarters were pretty tangled, so we cut it our, and the front was manageable. The hair is growing out, so it will not be too long before she is back to normal again. Brushing is a must. She is so loving, and gentle, until it comes to teenagers. She does not like them at all. I think she must have been abused by young people, and she knows. The gal that cleans my house is 16, and Ginger wants to snap at her, so I have to keep her separate while Ines is here. I hope to get Ines to calm down around Ginger, so they can bond, because Ines is such a help to me.

I've been doing several things to keep my mind busy also. Went to Poas Volcano one day last week, and did not see much of it. The clouds blew out partially for a few seconds, but there were so many people there, that it was hard to get close enough to see much. And then it fogged over again right away. The kids were out of school last week, and many families were there. I went with a gal who was staying at the B&B for a few days, and it was great getting to know her. We came home in the afternoon, and it rained so hard all the way back. There were 3 accidents on the Auto Pista, and one was very serious. I hate to imagine the outcome of that one. I am sure the other 2 were results of the major accident. I had jokingly said earlier that morning, that we needed to take water, something to eat in the car, and something to do, well we had each other to visit with, but we sure did need the refreshments while we were stuck in traffic. I still do not know my way around well enough, farther away from home to take the back roads either. We had intended to take a back road, but never were able to find the road we needed to take. Lack of signs, and not knowing what bloody town you are in sometimes are the hardest parts of navigation. But we made it home, finally.

Sunday was "Jazz in the Gardens", at NavCafe, and it was GREAT! Joe's band is getting better each time I hear them. The day was beautiful, most of it anyway, and we only had to run for cover for the last 1/2 hour or so. It does pour when it starts here, so one does not wait to see if it is going to stop. No chance. As always, the food was delicious, and there were so many people, from near and far. It is beginning to catch on. If you have not yet caught the Jazz fever, join us every Sunday from 12 noon, until 2 or 2:30, they get on a roll, and don't stop sometimes. It is fantastic!

I have also enjoyed the company of two other single ladies who are preparing to move here. They are building their houses, and are here for short periods of time to oversee the results, and buy what is needed. Shirley and Joanne are cousins, and are going to be my very good friends, I am sure. The community here is cohesive, and it is always great getting together. For the most part, we get along with each other, and it provides diversity for all of us. Of course, many of the retirees are couples, and understandably, most would not come to a foreign country alone. Well, with a few exceptions, present company included. It is always nice to meet other single ladies, to have someone to go places with, and share like experiences. I recently met a couple, who have come here with the lady's sister and her husband also. Most seem to drag someone else, kicking and screaming sometimes, but they come together. I, on the other hand, have come alone, but gathered many friends after getting here. I could not live without making friends and having people to share with. Friendships are really my greatest joys in life. How did I leave my friends behind? Well, I really did not in one way, we talk on the phone all the time. I have a stateside line, and love having connectivity to my friends there too, as well as my children.

Well, back to to go pick up veggies to cook for my pups. The dog food here is not good, and the difference in my pups allergies is proof enough that I will continue to cook for them. My friends often tell me to make a baggy for them too. One should be so lucky as to be my dog. God love them!