Friday, June 27, 2008

Atropine...and it is FREE!!

When I was in town yesterday, I went looking for a vile of Atropine to
have on hand just in case I ever need it again. I love my dogs and so
wish I would have known this before. First stop was the pharmacy where
I go frequently to buy meds. They only had the liquid oral bottles,
which if one really needed to take it quickly, that would sure be
great, but trying to get it down a dog, would be a waste. They need
the intravenous type. I stopped at two vets, before I found the atropine.

And, what I found out about put me in a state of shock. The Atropine
was FREE! Yes, that is right, I paid for the syringe, but the Atropine
cost nothing! And you know, at this point, I would have paid much,
just to have it on hand. The vet said, unless I did not understand
correctly, but I think I did...that the USA gives it to CR because of
the Sapo/Bufo problem here. Now, if that be the case, why do the vets
not automatically give it to Gringos, or at least warn us of the
dangers when we first bring our precious pets to them for the initial
exam when we arrive here. Emigration advised me to see a vet asap,
after arriving.

I will continue to use caution when taking my dogs out, but I at least
know that I can use the Atropine to keep a dog alive until I can get
to the vets, if the need arose. I'll also make every effort to insure
everyone coming here has the same knowledge. If you or anyone you know
plans on bringing pets, especially small pets, please let them know
about this.

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Wool Enough said...

I'm glad you were able to get hold of the atropine. Must be a relief to know you have it on hand just in case.

Maybe the vets don't think to warn people of the dangers to their pets, because they think you already know. I've lived in an area where many newcomers lost their small dogs to coyotes. No one told them to keep the dogs inside at night. It's truly sad.