Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 15, 2006

Sometimes it seems as though time flies by, and other times it goes so slowly. I am more anxious to visit Costa Rica as time passes. My brother and his wife have decided not to go, so it will just be my life long friend and I traveling. I want to visit as many places that I can during this trip, so I have a good idea what CR is like. I am enjoying the emails I have received from people living in CR. Everyone has been most helpful, answering my questions and giving me information which will be most useful as we travel. It is frightening, to some degree, stepping out of my comfort zone to try a new adventure. Having lived in Italy, many years ago, I am not as frightened about going to another country. I will miss family and friends, but know that I will make new friends and become close as family with some of them. What a great place for my family and friends to have to go for a vacation to visit me also. I am practicing Spanish, and hope to be able to at least know what to ask for when I need help.

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