Monday, September 24, 2007

With My Heart - Costa Rica

I'm posting this video so you all can see why I love Costa Rica so much. I used some stills that were taken near my home. The credits are at the end, and you can stop it on any shot you would like to look at for a longer period of time. Enjoy!! The song is beautiful also. "Con un Mismo Corazon". Translated: "With My Heart".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mae, I tried to watch the video but got nothing. Read the writing you had done for a few years. Sounds like everything is going your way. All is well here.
Love You, Llewellyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Mae: Enjoyed your pictures and the music. Happy for you, enjoy! Keep us posted. Ramona

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,
I hope you are enjoying every moment. Add a few more pics when you can.
I will have more time to write after I finish the house and move. It now looks like late Oct..
Take Care, DRO

Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are so happy there. I was amazed when I received your email announcing that you were moving to Costa Rico. Are you retired and how are you spending your time there? Do you miss your children and grandchildren terribly?
Mike and I have moved to Lake Eufaula and we moved our fancy furniture to an old house in the historic part of Oklahoma City. So when we get tired of country living we go to the city for a few days.
Phyllis Hearn

son mandelin said...


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