Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a quick photo and off to do chores!

Peaches and Sunni

My two little ones, Peaches and Sunni play during the day, and the two girls play in the evening. I have to separate Ginger and Peaches after an hour of play, or Ginger gets to rough with Peaches, which ever comes first. Ginger stays outside all day, and when she comes in the race is on, through the house, across the sofa, rolling end over end, and then, it starts all over again. They move almost to fast to be captured with my camera. They are either my evening entertainment, or carry it too far and I have to be the bad guy. They know when I have had it, and 2 heads come up for air so fast, I still have to laugh. So hard to be firm, when they look at you with those eyes.

Peaches and Ginger

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