Sunday, September 21, 2008

Angel Valley Farm B&B

Several people have written emails and asked what B&B I am referring to in my, I am going to link it here, Angel Valley Farm B&B, and this week, I'll take a few pictures and post them here also. I have a link in the sidebar also.

I am helping Andrew with it, for now, and am enjoying it so much. It is located in the hills of Los Angeles Sur, north of San Ramon, and is near my home, so it makes it very convenient. It is an old Tico farm house, which has had some additions to accommodate extra guests. It is an easy drive off the highway, with a good restaurant within walking distance from the house. We have a dozen chickens, and receive that many eggs each day also. We have Tico and gringo neighbors, and though it is rural and quite, it is a great stopping off point with many attractions within a short drive. There are several daily bus runs on the highway, so even without a car, the town of San Ramon can be reached easily from here. Walks and beautiful sunsets are most enjoyable, unless it is the rainy time of the day, or October.

The B&B can easily accommodate large families, and larger gatherings, with ample patio areas, and living space inside. The kitchen is large, and makes it easy to prepare meals as well. I cook the morning breakfasts, and get many complements for the varied, and fresh great tasting, quality food. I also prepare cakes for a local restaurant, and can do them or meals, by request, if you give me some notice. Because my own home is close, and somewhat better stocked, I can whip up most any thing with a couple hours notice. So, if you are coming this can have home cooking, "like Grandma use to make", after your full day of touring. Though it is not a short order kitchen, I'll make sure you are full, happy, and ready for a good nights sleep, and not break the trip budget.

Watch for pictures too. And happy traveling.

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Heather said...

hey mae - it's heather from gogalavanting! i hope you're doing well! just checking in to say hi. i woke up dreaming about your baked french toast today! i definitely wish i was in cr right now, instead of DC! take care, heather