Thursday, September 18, 2008

Woman...Traveling to Costa Rica

For those of you who have never seen the "Go Galavanting" website, a travel online magazine for women, I highly recommend checking it out. They have many articles on interesting travels, and businesses in wonderful place around the world, owned by women. Here are the videos from the September Issue, and Webisode, and they have added several other Costa Rica related videos you may select at the end of the video, also. The video would not directly embed on my click on the pink word (Webisode), above.

I had the pleasure of hosting the film/edit team in July, at the B&B, and I think you will enjoy this. You can sign up for the online magazine, free, and keep up to date with the editors travels, and additional travel features written by many different ladies.


Kim said...

Hi Mae, thanks so much for taking such great care of us while we were at the B&B.

I hope you enjoyed the webisode, we're planning to do another separate one on moving to other places for retirement, since our interview with you and the others was so interesting. You should write an essay for us about the topic!

Kim from Galavanting

Georgi said...

I have been following your blog as I am interested in settling somewhere else when I retire. This is very informative and I love readingyour descriptions. However, I cannot find any information on the B&B you have been mentioning lately. Do you own, work there, or just visit?

Marina Kuperman said...

I love Go Galavanting magazine, I read it often. If you know of other fun places to send people in Costa Rica I would love your input.
I'm new to the blogosphere, and just saying hello to fellow Costa Rica bloggers.
Hope to see you on my blog and develop a blogger friendship:)