Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Sunday, Dinner with friends March 31

Did Facetime with Debbie in the morning and walked her through the cabin, and around the grounds outside to let her see where I am. iPads are great! Yesterday was the most foggy day so far, close most of the day. I actually love the pictures of the area covered in fog the best. It adds an element of mystic to a beautiful area. Because this is the dry season, all though rains will start soon, it is not very green, and the grounds keepers have cleaned out brush and under growth which will only grow back. I have seen several rodents as I sit here. Peaches has a favorite spot to sit, on the edge of the bed, so she can see the embankment behind the cabin. She has almost gone through the screen upon their appearance.

I had a nice visit and lunch with my friends, Fernando and Mary Ellen. They were my neighbors when I lived here before. Visits with friends are the highlights of my time here. Fernando took some pictures of the pups yesterday while we visited. I will post them when I get them. They have 2 small white pups also and the 4 of them have a time together, running and playing. They all want attention equally. These are the pictures Fernando shot.

These are the pictures from the grounds here at the cabins.

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