Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday, March 27th the market, Thursday, 28th dinner with friends

My neighbor bought a car last week, so I don't feel quite so isolated now. They have been very gracious asking me to ride with them into town when they go in. We went to the market on Wednesday, which because of the holiday was moved from Friday. There were not as many vendors or customers either one, because so many have taken the days off to go for the holiday. There is a Tico family staying in a cabin near me also, and sure it is only for the weekend. They have a cute little pup also, so mine are barking much more...making me crazy actually. I am trying to break Peaches from barking each time the dog barks, but not having much luck. Sunni does pretty well until someone walks by. TV playing helps some. These are pictures from the market.

Dinner with neighbors invited a couple I know from living here before, and another new friend. I miss that the most, no longer living here. People get together frequently, share a meal, and visit. Like we use to do when I was growing up in MT. Seems most people are too busy, back in the states, to spend much time just sitting around talking. Most meetings are at restaurants, and no one has time to do more than eat and run. Holidays are the only exception. Well, I did not think to take any shots of our dinner on the porch, with the sun setting, but I did capture some of the sunset. Cell phones don't do such a great job... What a nice evening!

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