Friday, January 04, 2008

Fearless Knitters! Well, it started out that way...

Yes, I am one of "them". I had a store for a couple of years, before I moved to Costa Rica. I sold yarns, beads and all the things one needs to make anything from them. Needless to say, I came here with some of my "stash". I am often asked what I do to keep from going crazy, now that I am retired, and usually two things I usually list are knitting and reading. I also have many books I never had the time to read when I was working full time. I keep adding books to my shelves, and recently I made the comment, that perhaps I like books more than I like reading. When I made that comment, I was remembering the first book I ever had as a child. It was "The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore", and I loved that book. I read it so many times, and sometimes, I will admit, that I did not even read it cover to cover, because I knew what it said, I would just open it up, and read words from the pages, or read it backwards. One of the reasons I loved that book so much, was because, we were so poor, and it was the only book I ever received as a gift while I was a child. I read many books from the public library, and loved touching the rows of books. I still will run my hands along the book backs in the shelves at the book store. It reminds me of the days, when I was a child, I would do that at the public library, on my way to the section of books I was going to pick one from.

I started this, wanting to talk about knitting, and I took a turn in my mental drive about the second sentence. So I guess, I really didn't want to talk about my knitting today...well, another day perhaps.


Suzanne said...

hi mae...enjoyed your blog for the first time today, after i googled "costa rica knitting" to see what would come up...i'm coming to escazu for 10 days next week to do some retirement research, and would love to meet a fellow knitter--if i make it to san ramon could i buy you lunch? (i'll bring my needles...)
suzanne in brooklyn (for now)

Mae said...

Thanks Suzanne, for leaving a comment for me. There are several of us here in Costa Rica, and I hear of others moving here all the time. Email me, and we can stay in touch. You really should make time to see San Ramon area, it has beautiful weather, and gorgeous landscapes. Hope hear from you!