Monday, January 14, 2008

Suzanne, Thanks for the comment, but don't know how to reach you.

I'd love to meet you and have lunch while you are in San Ramon. I am going to post my email here,, so you can email me when you know what day you will be in San Ramon. Email me and I will email you back with where to meet me. There is an Internet Cafe called Solo Bueno just as you come into downtown San Ramon, on the right side of the street, from the Auto Pista. Friends of mine own it, and you could email me from there. It is the shop, right in front of the bus (in the picture) and is the first bus stop after the stop light/signal you can see hanging in the picture. Most drivers are familiar with Solo Bueno. Pull the bell cord, on the bus when he is at the light. I always have my email on, during the day, so I would get it and get back to you quickly. I can call you back at Solo Bueno too. I'll be at home the days you suggested.

Hope we can connect. I have a car, so I can drive the 4K to town fairly soon after hearing from you. I'll bring the clogs for you to see. I am going to go back in my post on them and add the answers to the questions you asked, I thought later that I should have posted what I had made them from also. I'm working on a pair of socks too.

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