Friday, January 11, 2008

Yes! I finished the slippers! Knitted and Felted Slippers

I finished these beautiful clog/slippers a few weeks ago, but had not had time to felt them yet. I used the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern. It was fast and easy. The fiber is Plymouth, Outback 100% Wool, and they are made all in one piece. Doesn't look possible, but...there you have it. Today, I decided was the day to felt them. I had to carry hot water from the kitchen sink, and heated 4 tea kettles of water also. I must get a hot water connection to my washer! I love to felt projects I have knitted, and I also make projects from slightly worn wool sweaters found at thrift stores. If you've never tried them before, you don't know what you're missing. I have a couple sweaters waiting to be processed and I have some ideas for them. Are you asking, "Why would anyone knit with wool in the
tropics?"? We do have some very cool weather, having no heat, unless you count space heaters, it is nice to curl up under a throw, with knitted socks, a sweater, and slippers on, and read a good book or watch a movie. It saves on electricity too, green wise, both money and environment. They are drying now, stuffed with a pair of shoes and wash cloths to stretch them even. I will take them to a small shoe repair shop in San Ramon to have soles added. Ceramic tile floors would mean a sure fall, and I can't chance that.


Suzanne said...

hola mae

love the clogs...they are on my list for the next project...the colors are lovely, too, did you knit them from an ex-sweater, or new yarn?...right now i´m in costa rica planning a trip to san ramon --with my knitting, of course -- let me know, if you have time, what the highlights are, and whether you´ll be around this week to be treated to lunch, or at least coffee -- i´m not sure if i´m coming tomorrow, wednesday or friday, on the bus...cuidate, suzanne

Jennifer said...

Love the clogs!!! I'm still a beginner in knitting but enjoy it. Been reading alot about felting projects but have only done needle felting. I brought my needle felting supplies with me as well but haven't gotten into it much yet. Looking forward to it. Perhaps when Callista is back in school. Such a great release for frustration.