Friday, May 30, 2008

Here Comes the SUN!!! Yippy!

The storm clouds moving on to the east.

The Blue Mountains farther south.
Photo is a little sharper with the tripod.

The mountains to the south west, with the sun shining on them.
Brightening up the morning after the past 5 days of rain.

Oh my Gosh...finally a break from the rain, well, at least until 1:45 p.m. today. Yes, we are getting another shower, but hopefully it is not the same kind that just moved out. I got up this morning, and after taking care of the boys...the normal routine, I grabbed my camera to shoot the beautiful, clear sky as it got sunny outside. How beautiful it is and the crisp clearness is worth getting up for. I shot to the west, which is where the clearing after the rains came from. It is amazing that the ones I shot to the east, where the sun was coming up behind the clouds, still show signs of the storm moving out. I am still in awe of the distance I can see, and the blue mountains beyond, which are a little east of direct south. Never lived any where from which I could see so far. I grew up in Montana, and one can see for miles in 'big sky' country, but flat (the eastern part) is different than these beautiful mountains I see here. I remember being able to see quite far when we would go into the park, Makoshika, if I remember the correct spelling. Click the name, for more info. It is located on the edge of Glendive, the town I grew up in, but most of the area is very flat, and is mostly farm land. The road into the park is the 'flash back' I get on some of the roads here, when I have time to think about it. I remember swinging out over a steep cliff, from the door of my dads truck, as it swung open as he took a curve in the road, perhaps a little to fast. Yes, I remember screaming and hanging on for dear life! Those old (antiques they call them now) trucks and cars my dad kept running, were slightly more than barely running sometimes, and it is a wonder they had doors on them. After that experience, I was always more careful to slam the door shut, and double check it again when we were out in the park. My dad use to do some work, he was a handy-man, for a small ranch on the other side of the park. Getting there meant having to drive through the park each time we went there. It still is a pretty rustic park in the "badlands", but not as it use to be, that was the true 'back to nature' experience. They have since paved the roads, straightened and widened them a great deal. And I have not seen them since I was in my 20's. Long time ago.

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