Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A day at the Teatro de la Danza

The performance was spectacular! Sunday was a Cultural Arts Day in San Jose, and yes, I forgot my camera, but enjoyed the day in spite of my forgetfulness. There were displays of artistic design in the form of cows, placed around town, and the ones I saw were great. The cows are a part of the Cow Parade, and they will be around until sometime in August. Here is a site with photos, and more photos, and the story behind the cows. Photos taken by Perry DeSaint and Erin at "Gringuitica".

Steve and Kathy asked me to go with them to the dance performance, and I am so glad I did. There was such a variety of style and intensity. Traditional Costa Rica dance with the peasant costumes, ballet, tango, flapper, modern, and self expression were just some of the entertainment. My favorites, because I have to say two of them were so fantastic, were the ballet, and the tango. I have always loved the intensity of the tango, and this proved to be just as exciting. It so emphasized the emotion of the dance. The performers included 2 men and 1 women, dancing together, and then the presentation of the challenge between the men, which was a dance also. Complete with the RED back lighting, the emotion of the moment could have been cut with a knife. How fascinating! The ballet was superb also. The strength of the male performer was amazing! It was beauty and grace each step of the way. I must say, the self interpretation performances showed skill and creativity in as much of a professional realm, as I have ever witnessed. One performance reminded me of the live Cirque de Soleil performance I saw in FL. Practice and dedication account for such precision and demiurge. Now I know I can enjoy performances every bit as interesting as ones I visited at the Fox, and for much less money too. The price for admission was $2.00, can you believe it!

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