Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Knitting: 2 Completions, and 2 new WIP

As I am learning more about myself, than I ever did when I worked...I am finding I love being retired! I can now finish what I start, and they no longer turn into UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I am finding out that I really do love to cook, and have the time to do that also. My only dilemma, is what do I do when I finish one project, and which of the next 1000+ ideas I have, gets my undivided attention next. Oh, what fun!

I finished my Top-Down Sweater, several weeks ago, just needed to sew in the ends of the yarn, and block it. Now, it is finished, and I will be warm come the October chilly rains. It fits perfectly, and I love the colors.

Then, I also finished, in 2 weeks time (a record for me), a pair of Slipped-Stitched Rib Socks. I started them for myself, and a friend saw them at our Knit-Ins and she fell in love with them. I have another skien of the same yarn,
so I will make another pair for myself. The Fly Dyed
Monarch Merino was so great to work with, like butter in my hands. Not all wools are created equal.

I started the Saucy Socks pattern on Sisu yarn, and it is working up nicely, but not as wonderful a feel in my hands. I like the pattern, and only one row out of 12 rows in the pattern, the cable row, is difficult to maneuver on the magic loop. I am using one dbl point needle to hold the cabling stitches on from the opposite sides, makes it easier. I know, you have to be a knitter to understand the lingo.

On the trip to San Jose, I started a small coverlet for Rachel, the neighbor girl. She is 3 years old, and can hardly wait for me to finish it. I decided to just make rows of different stitch patterns for a variety in each skein of yarn. She loves the bright colors. Will post it when finished too.


Wool Enough said...

The sweater is beautiful. Congratulations.

Don't you just love knitting top-down?

Mae said...

Thanks, yes, I love doing the top-down! It is easy to see if they are going to fit, early on, and I stop to do the arms and neck finishes, just to make sure I have plenty of yarn and finish the bottom when I want to stop. I am short, and like a sweater that stops just below my waist.