Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So much to do...and this is Retirement!!

So much going on right now, I hardly know where to start. I am working on 3 projects for the Ravelympics (knitting in conjunction with the Olympics), and two are pairs of socks. I must keep up with them, or I will not finish on time.

We have had more guests than were expected during this rainy season, several calling just before traveling, and they have been such a delight. I sure like visiting with the travelers, as well as those looking for a possible place to retire. They all have such an interest in knowing more about Costa Rica, what to see, and are so curious about my experience here. I am so enjoying meeting them and a B and B is the perfect setting for sharing food and great conversation. Angel Valley B and B is comfortable, and not stuffy at all. I found out from guest, last night, that they found us in a NY Review, totally amazed me.

Jazz in the Gardens, on Sunday's at NavCafe, with Joe's band is so fantastic! They get better every week, and it is a great setting. This past Sunday, the weather was perfect, and no rain to chase us inside. The food is very good, and with the addition of Steve's breads, it is even better. I am hoping Daniel will add my cakes to the menu too. The cakes they make here, leave something to be desired, not very good, for sure.

The English education volunteer group has shifted focus from the college level to elementary education. I think this will be a much more rewarding and beneficial placement of our energy. Volunteers will adopt different elementary schools, and foster increased learning in many different forms, whether it be teaching, or by repairing badly warn schools. Many gringos have helped with school supplies, or the funds to purchase supplies. We even received several used computers to be given to school programs. Most schools don't have books, or supplies, and computers are very rare. Intel has a computer program for children in Costa Rica, and I have seen pictures, but I would love to make a connection with that organization to help the children in the central valley area. As more gringos retire in this area, we are getting more volunteers who have a great desire to help educate the children of Costa Rica. One statistic I heard recently, is that each day, over 5000 jobs go unfilled here, because not enough natives speak English well enough to get the jobs. It is not only the tour industry needing bilingual workers, but in all shops and walks of life, as more gringos immigrate. Most gringos try to learn Spanish as quickly as possible, and believe me, the Ticos are most patient with us as we make noises, and use hand signing languages, until we learn to communicate what it is we want. My Spanish is getting better, but I still make plenty of noises when I go to the hardware stores. Everything is behind the counter in most stores, so asking is a must. Even in stores where you can walk around to look, the clerks are most helpful, and what to assist you, so talking is a must. I've done plenty off the "plop, plop, fizz, fizz" imitations trying to get many things. And noises are international, even if it makes the clerk laugh. One has to have no shame here.

Well, back to knitting, and pictures to follow....I am a process knitter, and the challenge of a race against time does not set well with me. I do it for the shier pleasure, so what the heck...will I finish...yes, but maybe not with the clock ticking.

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