Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Wonderful, New Puppy! Peaches


Aren't they the cutest balls of fur you have ever seen?

I think Ginger looks like she is laughing her head off, and Peaches does make us laugh!

I have been looking at Bichons and mixes from rescue shelters, online, for weeks now, and Thursday, I asked one of my friends if she would bring back a dog for me when she goes to the states again. She said that she would...but I guess my 'burn' was just more than I could take, and I am ready! I had to go into the Mall, for one of my errands, so I stopped at the pet store while I was there. They had 4 poodles available, and I even held one...oops, I was a goner! They were more than I wanted to pay, so I decided to stop at a couple of Vets also. Sometimes it is better to get one from the Vet, because they probably know the parents, and have taken care of them in the past also. I stopped at my Vet's, David, and was told they were at the "San Ramon Days". And he had a couple of poodles. Bichons are pretty hard to find here, more poodles are available. He did have 2, and they were darling little 6 wk old females. The dad was Apricot color, and mom was white. I got the lighter of the 2, and she may be white, later. I named her Peaches, and she is so tiny and cute! She is so full of energy, and has made me laugh so much. Ginger thinks she is Peaches' mother. She is herding her around, and doesn't let her out of her site. I have to get after her also, but the one who is the meanest to Peaches is Sunni. Peaches would love it if Sunni would let her stick her head in his dish, but he will have nothing to do with that. She will not do it too many more times, as he takes a good bite out of her, and she runs yelping. "Being nice" and "she is a baby", don't cut it with him.

The days have been great, but the nights have been something else! Peaches is the only one getting any sleep. Ginger wants to lay on her, and I separate them as far as I can. Ginger did better last night, but Peaches decided she needed to eat at 3:30 a.m., the night before it was 4:30 a.m. So mom drags out of bed, and pours her some milk. It is enough to let her, and me rest until daylight, except this morning, the squirrels decided to cut up at 5 a.m. I am dead tired from all of this. Sunni and Ginger are well awake if the squirrels make too much noise in the attic. God, I wish I knew how to get rid of squirrels, short of a bb gun! The worst pair now, is that the dogs literally scare the piss out of the squirrels now, and it runs between the wood slats on the ceiling, and wala...I have a stinking puddle to clean up. I may have to hire someone to put clear caulking in each crack.

The best part is that I don't have to meet any schedule, other than what I choose to make right now, so I can adjust, and take a nap or two, to get through this baby stage. She will bring me more joy and laughter, and I'll soon forget the sleepless nights. I start out knitting, and usually end up falling asleep in my it great!


Madame Purl said...

Congrats on you're new baby. She looks just like my new baby - Coco. I found you're site looking up the shrug pattern from Knitty off of Ravelry.

Firefly Nights said...

Peaches is adorable and so are the outfits you made for Sunni and Ginger.

beatrice said...

Oh Mae. Your little Peaches is soooo sweetly and cute.
greeting - Beatrice

Heather said...

hi peaches! you're a cutie! i'm sure you'll love life at angel valley!!