Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BHRT Email I wrote to my CR friends....

Though I had written some of this before...if you have not seen it, read for info.

I wanted to let you know about my Bioidentical experience, so far, and to let you know that I am doing well. Whether you have heard of BHRT, or not, you may want to know about the great doctors and services I have used during my search. Never know when you may need a good doctor.

I had not heard, or not paid any attention to BHRT until I saw 3 Oprah shows, this past month, and decided to do the research. There are a great many sources on the internet, and several great books available also. When I sent emails to several of you, you let me know about resources here in Costa Rica. The rest of you may want the information also. All doctors, etc. info is listed at the bottom.

I first interviewed the Pharmist in San Jose, Dra. Ana Violeta Ovares. at the compound pharmasy. I spent 2 hours with her, we went through my history, and she did an evaluation. Several days later, I received a copy of her evaluation, and suggestions, via email, $70. Her recommendation for a great antiaging doctor was the Dra. Livia Oruno. I interviewed with her, and set up an appointment to do all the tests. First, blood work, after fasting, $200, then back to Dra. Ortuno's for a pap and examination, which included an ultrasound (never had one during a pap before), $100, and she made appointments for me to go directly to the offices for a mammeogram, and bone density tests. I took cab to the Centro de Mamografia La California, directly from Dra. Ortuno's, and both mammeogram and bone density were in the same complex. When the mameogram was finished, I went into the next room where the Doctor was looking at the test, and dictating to the tecnician, who was typing into the computer as he spoke. I could see the tests on the computer screens. He then had me lay down on a table, and did an ultrasound on my entire upper torso, $80. So now I had been looked at, internally, entirely. The next stop was for my bone density, which was a state of the art (which each office was), equipment for making pictures of my hips, and spine., $40. I received test results, receipts, and faxes of most tests were made directly to my doctor's office. Dra. Ortuno also faxed a script to Dra. Ovares, to make the individualized compound cream, BHRT, $40, after evaluating all my tests. A couple days later, I was able to pick up my script at the bus depot here in San Ramon. It was sent, well protected, and I started using it on Friday.

I have applied the creme, to the insides of my arms for fast delivery right into my blood system, four days now, and I already feel a difference. Most of the literature says you should start getting relief almost immediately, and I am. I can only wait to see what diffence long term use will make in my life. I'll keep each of you posted.

Note: This is not normal hormone treatments, it is not pharmsuticals, they are all natural herbs and plants. Many have had great success with it. I hope to be one of them.

(Both doctors below are USA educated and speak excellent English)

Dra. Ana Violeta Ovares, M.F.I.
Premafarma (Compound Pharmacy)

Dra. Livia Ortuno
OB/GYN Antiaging Specialist

Centro de Mamografia La California

Centro Diagnostico de Osteoporosis

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Saratica said...

Hi Mae,
I'm writing about my mammogram today at the Clinica CA - great place! Glad to hear all is going well - see you, pura vida!