Friday, February 06, 2009

More about BHRT & a STORM

Some of you may wonder why I am writing about this on my blog, which is mostly about Costa Rica, but this is so much a part of my life here, and I am trying to find some solutions to my ill health, and this, I hope will be a help to you as well as myself.

I had an interview with Ana Violeta Ovares, the pharmacist at the compound pharmacy on Wednesday, and found her very knowledgeable. And the fact that she speaks such good English is very helpful also. Doctor Octuno, came highly recommended by Ana, and I will make an appointment to see her as soon as possible. Almost everyone I speak to, is anxious to hear more, and find out more about BHRT. Dra. Ovares, does a thoughal interview and then makes recommendations to ones regular Doctor as to the composition of the bhrt. She also gave me the book by Suzanne Somers "Ageless", which I am reading now.

The Compound Pharmacy is a members of PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Centers of America) and is the only one south of the Rio Grand. So, I feel fortunate to be this close. It is an hour+ for me, but she does ship, so it will not involve an all day trip via bus/taxis too frequently, once I see the doctor and get the process started.

The STORM...will it ever end!!??? The winds started Tuesday, and have been so violent, I am surprised my roof is still on my house. It is very cool, 50's at night and early morning, and low 60's during the day, and believe is very cold. With no heat, I have several layers of clothing, and hat to hold my body heat. My fingers are so cold. Hot tea, and hot chocolate are my friends. Sleep is hard to catch, as the steel roof, sounds like a semi, each time it belches and pops. The doors and sky lights rattle, constantly, and keeping the items on the porches is a major feat. I have almost given up and decided that if it is gone, I'll buy a new....whatever it is. If it were not for the parchal covering around the front patio, the furniture would be in the next county also. This is the storm that came down from Canada, and gave Kentucky so much ice and took out the electricity for some many people, last week. After 3 days, we are ready for it to stop, anytime now, and the sun to come back out. So much for living in the tropics, never thought they would get such violent storms.

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