Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bioidentical HRT

Well, doctor appointments, blood work, bone density, mammogram....all out of the way for another year. And now I hope to get my BHRT cream soon. The pharmacist in San Jose will have it delivered to a pharmacy closer to me and then I am smearing that stuff on! Can't wait.

I have to tell you about my tests here in CR though! I was impressed! Never had such a good check up by any doctor, probably since I was born. The GYN is my Aging Doctor too, and I was surprised to get not only a pap, and a quick check, but an extensive breast exam, and an ultrasound checking out my lower GI, basically. It was quite comforting to know immediately, that all my parts are still there, and looking good. She called to make my mammogram and bone density appointments, for the same day, so I could just take a taxi and get it all done in one day in San Jose. And you would not believe the inexpensive price of all of it! I will file with my insurance company to get reimbursed. If I did not have insurance, I would have been elated to realize that it was so little.

I caught a bus from the airport parking, because I had dropped off a couple going back to Canada from the B&B. Between buses, and taxis, I got to my appointments and back to the bus for the airport, in record time. Much better than trying to find places on my own, and drive in that awful traffic! There was a finder binder on one of the streets, tieing up traffic, and my cabby, just drove right around the accident...while no one else was even trying it. These cabbies have nerves of steel, and are not afraid of anything! The only thing somewhat un-nerving is, none of the seatbelts, in the backseat, work. Parts are there, but not a whole belt. So you just say your "hail Mary's" and hold on for dear life. The sun was still shining when I arrived home.

Did I say the sun is shining? Well, finally! We may have 2 months of summer on the hill here, before the rainy season starts. I can't believe it! There has not been much sun until this last week, after the awful storm has finally gone. I thought everyone was going to kill themselves or someone else before it broke. A week of 90 mile/hr winds, roofs gone, sofets gone, and most things nailed down were no longer in place either. Rain/wind/rain/wind/rain/wind!!! How tiring!! But at last, sun! We still have the wind, not 90 mph, but pretty strong, but at least the sun is here. And I thought winter was long in STL! This is the tropics, isn't it? Someone said...on the high side...meaning in the mountains, not really tropics.

I took Fred and Leiann to the beach, Pacific, one day last week. It was so nice to have a sunny day, and it did feel good to walk at the edge of the ocean. I am not a beach person, but the sun felt so good, and I did not even mind the humidity on my skin for one day. The drive was long, and the food at the little soda was awful, though the fruit drinks and coffee were great. If you just drink, CR is a great place to be. Food sucks!! I prefer cooking at home, and even pop corn, to eatting out here. That is one thing I am looking forward to on my trip to the states soon...eatting out! I want some good seafood, and even Red Lobster will do. Also, Farmer's is a great homemade dinner kind of place we alway love going to, will be high on my list. And some good MX food. Not wanting fast food, as we have Mc D's and several others here...okay when you must eat something, and Tico will not do. And Nona's homemade pies and cakes...thinking about them too. After doing so much cooking here, for myself and friends/guests, I wonder if it will taste as good as I remember, but at least someone else is cooking. The one thing here that is really so much fun is, getting together with friends and sharing meals. I have a couple of friends who really are good cooks. We had a neighborhood baking party the end of January, and prepared and baked French style bread. Even made some starter...too much for me...always needing you to make it up. I love baking bread, but I do it the easy way...throw it in the bread maker, when I want to, and wha-la...great bread in a few hours. I usually take it out and let it do the final rise and bake it in the oven.

Another day in paradise!

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