Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pictures today

Spanky got a bath this week, and Sunni will get one in a day or two. I just love the softness of their white fussy fur when they are so clean. High maintainance for sure, but oh what a reward! Bath time is so much easier here in the pila (outdoor sink). It is a combination of 3 sinks, one deep well, and 2 shallow. Makes the job much less difficult because it is just the right heigth. And they don't seem to mind it too much until I wash their faces. Then they are ready to get out! Takes a while to dry them also. Spanky is the first two pictures, and Sunni is the 3rd picture.

Franklin, my gardener, planted my new palm today. It is at least 15 or 18 ft. tall, and you will not believe that I paid $12 for the combination of the tall palm and the shorter under growth palm. One of my Tico neighbors cleans yards for others when the growth is too thick. I asked him to save a few plants for me, and he has. For than less than $50, so far, I have gotten so many plants, I don't remember how many. I will take pictures as the plants grow and put them on my blog. Some of my plants are free cuttings from friends and others I have just stopped along a road and taken a cutting, or gotten it from a farmer's field. So many plants that are used in the states for house plants, grow here in the wild. So now, you know where your house plants came from.

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