Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a Beautiful Morning....sunshine.... (or something like that, the song)

It is so nice to see the sun shine in the mornings again, after the 6 days of constant rain. I think everyone feels better now. The sun gives me hope, and makes me want to do things that I just don't find the energy for when it is raining. I am sure it is giving the road crews time to get out and do some repairs to the roads which have collapsed during this last rainy spell. I'm glad I do not live to the west of San Ramon where the roads under perfect conditions are not the greatest, and with all the rain, landslides and heavy traffic, some are not even able to go home.

Romie and Rob are able to stay in their home tonight, and how happy they are! It has been nice having them "camp in" here, and we enjoyed many DVD movies during the rain storms. I made notes and posted the DVDs on the side display. had some cool displays for movie rentals, DVDs, music and books for personal web pages now.

Now, when I miss seeing them, I only have to drive over the hill, and I'll be at their house. The cleaning, polishing and putting things away were accomplished today, so they can feel they are home now. Happy Days!

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