Saturday, October 13, 2007

This was written on Oct 10th, so the count now is 6 days of constant rain...

Three Days of Constant Rain Closes Three Roads, Costa Rica and the Central Valley for the most part, has woken up to the third consecutive day of rain, causing mudslides responsible for the closure of three major roads according to the Minsterio de Obras Pública y Transportes (MO{T).A portion of the road connecting San José to Pérez Zeledón in the southern zone is blocked. The road connecting Tabarca, south of San José, with Rio Conejo permits only restricted movement, allowing only vehicles narrower than 2 metres (6.5) to pass through.And mud and rocks converting the better part of a lane on the Inter-American highway along the Cerro de La Muerte has restricted traffic through the area.The Conesjo Vial (Conevi) says that it has mobilized heavy equipment to clear the roads and restore full transit through the affected areas, though they could not give a definite timetable for when the work will be completed.

October is the worst month of the rainy season for rain falling on most of the country except for the Caribbean coast, which gets theirs in January.The reason for the constant rain is being blamed by a low pressure system stalled over the Central Valley and the northern region.

Typically during the rainy season, the mornings are filled with sunshine, clouding over and heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. However, during the past three days, there has been little of any sunshine and then only for short periods in the afternoon, as the constant rain has continue to fall during the night and well into the day.The Instituto Meteriologico Nacional (IMN) - national weatherman - is predicting that the rainy season will extend into November. Typically the season ends by the end of October.

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