Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rain, Rain...It must be October!

Yes, this is the second full day of rain, with much the day before also. It has been a heavier than usual season of rain, and I wondered if I would know the difference when October came. Everyone said that Oct is the heaviest rain, and it is holding true to form. When I awoke during the night, I could hear it raining.

In spite of the rain, yesterday was moving day for Romie and Rob. Fortunately, the truck was covered, making it much less difficult. Cesar, our Tico friend, and a couple of his amigos were the "man power" behind the operation. The move went without a glitch, but on the other end, was not the same story. The new house was suppose to be finished, but as things seem to have a life of their own, it was not. While furniture was being placed, a friend was sweeping and mopping, just to get the floor clear enough to get things in out of the rain. More about this in a day or two. Romie and Rob tried to stay in the house the first night, and were so sickened by the paint fumes, that they soon realized other arrangements needed to be made. Romie and Rob will be staying at my house for the time being...more to follow. Contractors who will never be recommended to anyone...for more than one reason.

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