Sunday, April 06, 2008

Birds, A Bonus

Yesterday was my anniversary, coming to Costa Rica a year ago! And the neighbor came by very early in the morning with my bird cage, and 2 new birds for me. One was blue and one was the traditional green/yellow parakeet. The boys, my pups, went crazy! Being Bichons, they have a thing about being jealous to start with, and after the last squirrel episode, they were not having any of it! It took me most of the day to get them to settle down, and stop with the squealing. Today, it started again, but not as much so. Yesterday, it took me a good portion of the day to clean up the broken flower pot, and the pee from the first episode. Then this morning, the blue parakeet was gone. He had "flown the coop"! I guess he was just small enough that he got between the bars, and got away. I have the cage hung out on the patio, for it is warm enough most of the year for them to be outdoors. So now there is one...sad little parakeet. I am going to have the neighbor modify the cage, by covering it with a smaller weave of wire. The neighbors raise the birds for the local pet stores, and I even hate to go tell him that the bird is gone. I go...wish I had had him make a cage, instead of buying one to start with. Oh, well...such is life.

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