Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Beautiful Shimmering Slip-On Cami

I finished this cami and wore it last week to the Knit-In. Now, I am sorry it was in my UFOs for so long. I had started a few other things, and put it aside, again, while my friend was here from the states. I am a process knitter, and can be easily diverted by another beautiful stitch or a pattern that is absolutely darling. Finishing is never the goal. I knit for the serenity it gives me and my pups always take a long nap when I pick up my knitting. Now it is finished, I am so pleased with how it worked up and I will wear it many times, for sure. The blue and white slacks I bought while I was in Hawaii several years ago, will go beautifully with it. The Plymouth Royal Bamboo was a perfect choice for this cami! It has a natural sheen, and the name of the cami indicates that also. The fiber is made up of 8 or so strands, so it will separate if you are not careful while knitting with it. It is not for speed knitter projects, but well worth the time when it is completed. This is the first bamboo fiber project I have worked with, and will try some other brands of bamboo fiber also. The cami lays very well again the body, a factor of the fiber.

The pattern I used is free at http://www.craftown.com/knit/pat7.htm They contacted me and asked if they could use it on their website. They loved how it turned out too.

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