Friday, April 18, 2008

Knitted Socks

Mountain Color Barefoot Yarn - Double Seed Stitch w/reinforced heel

I love the colors too! The yarn was a dream to work with.

I finished these a couple of days ago, and wore them yesterday. I was chilly enough, first day since January it has been cooler. These socks were in the making for a while, and I kept laying them aside to work on something else. Being a process knitter, it is not very important for me to finish a project, especially when I get my eye on a pattern I really want to try. I usually get back around to each project, but sometimes it takes me a while to un-earth it again. I must have started these early in 2007, don't remember exactly. I usually knit while I am watching TV or visiting with someone, so I don't have time to think about what I am doing, and socks require so much more. Now that I am down to somewhat of a routine here in my life, I can work on socks most afternoons while I sit out on the patio. I have started another pair of socks in a beautiful 100% Merino and they feel so good in my hands. The yarn is a Fly-Dyed Monarch yarn, in a pink/royal blue/aqua combo.

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