Monday, March 31, 2008

Meeting more Fabulous Friends!!

Bridget is Dancing alone and with Alisa

What a wonderful country! I have met so many wonderful Ticos since I have been here, and some have become so dear to me. I have always been blessed with the best neighbors, and here is no exception. Yesterday, we went to a kind of 'fair-well' party for a friend of my neighbors. I had never met Bridget, but the neighbors asked me to go alone. Bridget is from Switzerland/Austria, and comes here to rest and relax with her friends here. I was in for such a delightful afternoon. I also met a friend of Bridget's, Alisa, who is Swiss also. A long with other Tico families, I now can say I know many more people here. There were conversations going in 3 languages, most of the time, and sometimes language was not needed. What a lovely day, and the food was the best typico Tico I have had here. Wonderful! They served a wonderful drink, similar to an Eggnog, for us to 'salute' our friends.

Then, today, Bridget had a smaller "Tea Party" for a few of us. You know how sometimes, and few times at that, one really connects with another, well Bridget is that kind of a person for me. Retirement was meant to be like this... A time where one can really relax and connect with those closest to us. Where time almost stands still, and one can be still and hear the birds sing and simply enjoy ones friends, the smiles and the laughter of happy souls. Etilma, my Tica friend, is an artist, and has a creative spirit as well. She paints beautiful nature scenes, and I think she is almost a force of nature herself. She is learning English, and is so open and willing to try her new words out on me. And when she speaks in Spanish, is so understanding of my short comings also. My life has been truly enriched being here with such wonderful people!

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