Friday, March 22, 2013

Time flies by, and now a visit to Costa Rica.

It has been nearly 3 years since I moved back to the USA. Now, I am visiting Costa Rica for a short time. Knowing why I left, and coming back, I do remember, still some bitter sweet but happy to once again visit friends and enjoy this tropical weather. Especially with the weather reports I see on KMOV from STL in the past few weeks. Cold weather was easy to leave behind.

Technology has improved, here as well, and can't imagine what it must have been like prior to internet WiFi, and cell phones. TV so sucks here. Same tapes playing that were broadcasting when I left. Thankfully, and streaming of some networks really helps. Keeps me connected with the shows and issues I am interested in.

My brother, Darrell traveled down with me, thankfully, and we had such a good time travelling around and visited some of my dear friends. Everyone just loved him! He is a gentle spirit, and easy going. Just loved having him here with me.

First, the flight...and leading up to it.
Darrell flew in from Denver, on the red eye...1 a.m, yes, I was so wired I was still up. I had packed and repacked so many times, weighing all in between. Finally, less than 50 LB per bag. We took a quick nap, setting an alarm...wish we had not, slept. Thought we had left early enough, but no such luck! Never thought there would be so many other planes taking off at the same time. Security was awful! We ran to the gate, door is closed, plane still setting there, but not for long. No, we could not get on, and the plane pulled away. As they are rerouting us through Chicago, an employee ran up and informed us that the plane was coming back to the gate...imagine that! It was our lucky day. Never happen again! Someone had gotten sick, and insisted on getting off. We got on, as our luggage was already on board, and really did not want to be separated from it. Motion sickness drugs are great! The dogs did well while on board, could not have stood one extra stop. The layover was a nightmare. Sunni was so nervous, screaming as we went to our new gate in Miami. Peaches feeds off his mood, and mine too, I'm sure, and tries to get out of her carrier, tearing it to a point where we had to keep an eye on her constantly. We are sitting at our gate, and started to realize we were the only ones there...they had changed our take off gate, and thankfully delayed by one hour, and the gate was close, but again enough to frighten the daylights out of me.Once in the air, I can finally sleep some, on our way to Costa Rica. No other incidents in route. Rented a car, and I drove, being familiar, and knowing where we were going. I don't think my brother was ever so surprised at the traffic and driving conditions here. His eyes were huge! I will admit that, after about 4 days, I realized the traffic was at least doubled what it was when I left here 3 years ago. So many more cars, and there is no change to road capacity or conditions. Residence here usually do shopping early, and get home before the crazy starts. This is the way to a peaceful life in CR. Life is peaceful, from your patio, just not in traffic.

Our first night was spent with my former neighbor and his wife. So nice to see them, and they had asked some of the neighbors in to visit that evening also. So great to see everyone. Will visit them again soon.

Our first full day was spent shopping for food, and things we would need, and going to the cabin for our stay. The pups finally settling in, think they were so tired also. Over the next couple of days, we did more shopping for what we needed, lunch with other friends, and driving around seeing the local area. Stopped at Angel Valley B&B, where I use to help with guests, had a tour by the new owner. Many changes, much more modernized, all good changes. We ran everyday, not wanting to waste a minute.

Sunday 10th, and Monday 11th, we spent south of Cartogo with friends at their beautiful home. Photos here:

They have a fresh water river, running on their property, as well as fruit trees, and a beautiful garden making it so peaceful there. Friends really make one's life here, enriching friendships whether locals or Gringos. Most are retired, though some Gringos who have retired from one life, after becoming residence have again started working. All for need of personal growth and not feeling like they can fully retire yet. Friends are part of what I miss most. So different a life than in the USA. In many ways much like the life military members experience in overseas areas. Friendships are formed out of proximity rather than some other connections.

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