Friday, March 22, 2013

Trip to Dogland

One of my visits was to Dogland, where Helene provides a home for many unwanted dogs within Costa Rica. Her facebook site,

Much is in both English and Spanish. She fills a need in this part of the country and gives love and substance to many dogs who really need her, often with very little help. From time to time, volunteers help, but what a monumental task! When I left, 3 years ago, I had 3 dogs, one which I had gotten from Helene when I lost my precious Spanky. A close friend loved my Ginger so much and I gave her to her. She chose to leave Costa Rica shortly after that, and Ginger went back to Helene's to live. She loves Helene, and I am glad she has her. I only wish I could care for Ginger myself. Going there, I wondered if she would remember me...don't really know if she did or not, but she was happy to receive my love again. Helene took many pictures, posted here, and when I returned the second time, she ran to see me again. I will take Sunni and Peaches to see Ginger, and will be interested to see if Ginger remembers her favorite, Peaches. They use to run and play each day, until I had to separate them to get some rest, them and myself.

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