Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trip to Cloud Forest Saturday March 16

Today is Wednesday, before Easter. Yesterday there was a warning on FB, for everyone in CR "We're in the midst of Semana Santa, or Holy Week, here in Costa Rica. It's traditionally a time when Ticos take time off work and school for family vacations. Businesses and offices shut down, especially later in the week ... because everybody's headed to the beach. They're even making the main highway from the Central Valley to the Pacific coast one way on Wednesday to handle the beach-bound traffic. -Jason Holland, IL Costa Rica Editor" 

It helps to know what the local customs are, and this helps. One doesn't plan on going anywhere when all roads lead to the beach, one way. Going against the traffic could be fatal. 

This morning brought an encounter with another scorpion. This one was 1/2 the size of the other days, but no question what it was when I saw it mid-morning beside the bed. 

I have realized that getting out of bed, middle of the night, without a light could be a bad thing.

Yesterday, I made a salad from some of the things I have photos featured here. I just have to post a photo of an avocado I cut into for lunch. Not a blemish one on this beautiful avocado, and it tasted just as fresh too. I am so amazed...yes, I know, Mae, an avocado??? Small things in life.

Also wanted to post photos I took while Darrell was still here. We had a Tico friend, Elberto, a guide for two days March 16 & 17th. Not any of the normal tourist stops for us. We went up into the cloud forest to Elberto's property. It was so beautiful. The fog came in quickly and so our view was limited, but he told us, from a spot very high in the mountains, that if it were clear, we could see the Atlantic and the Pacific. We were on the continental divide. I shot some photos of a stream on the Pacific side, where there is a large  amount of iron in the soil, the water is blood red! We went over to the Pacific side, and very soon went from 58 degrees to in the mid 80s, rapidly as we came down to a lower altitude. 

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