Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yesterday, 25th, shopping

As I sit and write this on my patio, while the house cleaning lady cleans...I might add, this is what I see. What a beautiful day! 77 degrees, 62% humidity, and steady breeze from the north. Though I can not see them, birds sing in the background. This morning as I put out my compose for the wildlife, there was a Morph butterfly feeding from yesterdays morsels. Will try to capture a picture of it one day. Have seen it every morning so far. Each 2 photos are up/down of scene from left to right.

This week is holy week in CR, and you have to remember to get the things you will need until Monday after Easter. They pretty much roll the streets up and it is really a holiday, but first...there is so much traffic, foot traffic in stores as well. Shopping is a maze!

Rode into town with a neighbor, sure makes shopping much less difficult. It has been fantastic getting to know my new neighbors! They are a younger couple who decided to live in Costa Rica for six months and have past that time line and are still here.

After  a few stops, we made to pick up things, our nearly last stop was at the organic fruit/veggie store. Other than the milk, which I put in the refrig, this is photos of what $21.00 will buy you. Also, consider, all is fresh, and local, except for the two apples I bought.

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