Saturday, March 22, 2008

Desperate, Fearless Knitters

Thursdays are our regular Knit-Ins...and this week, it is Holy Week and many businesses are closed. We knew our regular place was closed, so we planned on going to NavCafe...beautiful garden setting... Well, as Costa Rican law would have it, (there's Murphy's Law, and then there is Costa Rican Law), even after telephoning to check the hours of operation...we arrived at 10 and they had changed to a noon opening. So, we headed for the Mall to knit. After braving the rain, and finding Johnny, a security guards, we were able to turn on the lights and knit there. We drew a crowd very quickly, sooner than we could get our cappuccinos from the food court. It takes persistence to accomplish yet another thing in Costa Rica. Neither rain, nor closings, nor lights out, will keep a desperate Knitter from the Knit-In!

My Top Down Sweater is coming along nicely too.

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