Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Opposites! My last blog and this one! Hell Burning...

This is the cane fields burning in Costa Rica, perhaps the worst environmental thing they do here. Well, one of at least a few others I can think of. They burn it to get rid of the sharp leaves that make it very uncomfortable to cut by hand. When will they get machinery to cut the cane? Great question! If they were not so poor, and believe me, the farmers are the poorest of the poor, they many be able to worry about the environment. It saddens me to see each field burned, for I see countless carbons being used up. I think it makes a reversal of the carbons saved by not having heat in their homes. And for now, there are no other options. Even if they had machinery, it would have to be small because it could never crawl into some of the small fields they have here. The largest equipment used for the cane harvest is the large trucks used to transport the cane to be processed. And they take up the entire road when they are on it. The next month, as well as the last, are some of the most dangerous times on the roads of Costa Rica. One must be constantly cautious, and ready to stop, and drive into the ditch, to avoid the oncoming truck. Each curve requires most of the opposite side of the road to negotiate the turn. Semis on my side of the road, are absolutely the most terrifying monster here. Things nightmares are made of. Sweet Dreams!

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