Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When did I ever find time to work?

What a great summer this is turning into. The last two Sundays there has been a George Lundquist tour in for dinner at David and Arden's home. This past was the largest crowd. Arden is a wonderful hostess, and meeting new people who are retiring and considering Costa Rica as a possible place to live...just a delight. Several couples help out on a regular basis, and I, being single, have decided that this is a great outreach for me also. Most of the people I had first contact with here in Costa Rica, were friendships gained through CRL (Costa Rica Living, a Yahoo Group). We became fast friends, and have helped fill the void left after leaving my friends and family in the states. By continuing to meet new friends, I find I am enriched by each ones life and tales. Laurie was a delightful person! She and her husband, Jim are considering moving abroad from New Jersey. Her tales of living all over the world, as a student and child, were fascinating and most enlightening. What an interesting life she has had. Truly our lives are enriched by gaining neighbors and friends who have such wide, diverse backgrounds to bring to the mix. We are a varied bunch of risk takers, entrepreneurs, and some even, thrill seekers. To pick up and move away from all the things we have know for so long, and to a place which is a 'step back in time', takes a 'special' kind of personality. Yes, there are a few my friend likes to call the 'wanted and unwanted' (I'll let you think about that one), but for the most part, we add a new dimension to our lives by living here.

Monday, Annie and I packed up a lunch, sandwiches and Texas chocolate cake, and headed out to Parker's home. She has the ideal spot, in the woods, secluded, view of the ocean, and she has created a work of ART in her home and yard. She has the touch! Think we found a place for Annie to rent also, she needs to be closer to her building site. Parker and I had 'happy hour'...or two at 'The Poet', and caught up on things over a shrimp dish. Great by the way!

Tuesday, I made lunch, a delicious lettuce wrap and fresh fruit/jello salad, for my Tica neighbors. Lunch was terrific and as I am still learning Spanish, they bare with me as I look up words to explain things. I am still amazed at how much I am understanding. Found out that the road construction is underway again, not far from here. The road will take the traffic going to Arenal, away from the road near us, and place it on the far side of the valley. Not only will it be less noise for us, (which is a minimum to start with) it will make our trips to town safer also. No more large trucks taking their side of the road, and mine, on the narrow hairpin curves. Another plus will be that it will be a better, straighter road to the hot springs we love so much! Hurrah! I guess Costa Rica has come up with the funding from China now that they offended Taiwan. Does everything have to be about politics?....yes, pretty much. Money and politics are so closely woven, that you can't have one without the other. It is a two-headed animal.

Today is a birthday party for several of the neighbors, and we will have a feast together to celebrate another year and still kicking!!! Tai food, and great conversation is my bet. Plus, Ines will come over for another English/Spanish lesson. This is my best platform for learning, getting right in there and trying to say things the way she does, and teaching her the English words also. Conversation is my best modem.

Tomorrow is the Knit-In...and I am really looking forward to it! Isn't that what keeps all of us going anyway? Being able to look forward to the events in our lives, and the expectation of the great time we will have. My friends (whom I have not yet met) in Heredia have scheduled a Stitch and Bitch time for Sunday March 16th, so I am going to to test the bus schedule to get there for that. There has got to be an easier way to get to Heredia than through San Jose, but it may take longer, will have to check it out. What else do I have to do anyway? It is great not to have to fit working, baseball, soccer, and college homework into the picture any longer!!! Yes, this is retirement!

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Sounds like you are living the life - You go girl! I saw some of your other commenters post about Costa Rica HQ and decided to check that site out too since I'm researching Costa Rica. What do you think has been your biggest challenge? Thanks for sharing, by the way. I bookmarked you! Happy Days, Liz