Monday, March 17, 2008

Finding Giacomin Cafe...and a night of Jazz at NavCafe

If you thought you would miss too much by living in Costa Rica, you perhaps have not been out enough, or yes...there's always the grandkids. I miss them too...but what a wonderful, full life, if lived. A Jazz band, good friends, great food, and even a date... Yes, strange in a place so far away from all the normal ways singles meet.

Knit-Ins are going great...projects being worked on, friendships being made and really a lot of fun too. This is holy week, and with Costa Rica being a Catholic country, everyone seems to have come out to church or will over the next week. The tradition of atonement, for a year of complacency, or just a remembrance of the symbolism. Many places will be closed over the next week, while some rest, others will vacation. This is a busy time at all the spots of leisure.

Thursday will be a little different, the place we normally meet to knit will be closed for the holiday. So, we will figure something else of our homes, the park, or maybe somewhere else. Yesterday, the gals from Heredia met in a nice cafe, Giacomin, near the mall, Paseo de Los Flores to stitch n bitch...well, mostly visit. We had such a nice time and after meeting gals I had corresponded with for a long time, to finally meet them was a rewarding day. Knitters have a connection that goes deeper than just the projects we are knitting on. Making new friends, and sharing our lives, made me want to return and connect again. It is a very comfortable Cafe also, sofas, nice chairs and great atmosphere.

Friday was the date...dinner and conversation. Singles are a rare breed in Costa Rica, well, northerners that is. Another difference from those residing in the states, is that it takes a certain amount of grit to sell everything, or pack up ones belongings and move to a foreign country, especially for a single person. The fact that most people come here as couples, is not by chance. We all require support and a kinship that is not easy to replicate in a different culture. Many men come here in hopes of finding a beautiful, younger, often sub-subservient Tica to share their life with, and many are available. If that is what one's desire is, there are plenty of opportunities. For the single women, moving here, has a totally different draw. So finding a single available man, amongst us is rare. Developing male friendships is more difficult here. There's just are not many unattached men, even including the Tico male population.

Saturday evening several of us went to NavCafe for an evening of Jazz and relaxation. There are some retired Jazz musicians who have gotten together with other Tico musicians, and have practiced enough to produce a great sound. Coffee, food, bottles of wine and a wonderful atmosphere served to make for a great evening. The gardens at NavCafe are beautiful, and serene and with the orchids blooming, it took my breath away.

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Anonymous said...

Mae, jazz, a little bit of vino and Costa Rica weather... sounds lovely.

You share a very interesting perspective about how things might be for single women in Costa Rica. I don't think I've come across anything about life in Costa Rica that tells it as you did.

We have some friends who stayed at this place called Maquenqe and we're thinking of heading down there soon too, with our dogs :)