Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Humpty Dumpty...and I didn't break!

I had a real scare today. The back door flew open, I must not have latched it well, and I wasn't able to get to it, at the time. The boys went running out, like bullets. Those two dogs, really run when they get a chance. I quickly tried to get them back in. Sunni came but not Spanky, when I scream "TREAT". They usually do, but Spanky has his times, when he just needs an adventure. I went after him in the car. I headed down the hill, and he came to the car...loves to go bye, bye, so I usually know he will come. I leaned over to get him, and I lost my balance, rolled out of the car, and you guessed it, my car continued down hill without me. I skinned both knees and hands pretty good, and fortunately, the car did not roll very far, before it headed for the ditch and came to rest on the fence. As it rolled, I had visions of it going much farther, and kissing it goodbye. Neither of us got caught in the path, at least. I had to crawl on top the hood to turn the wheel lock on the right side, so my 4X4 would work. The adrenalin had kicked in, and I was moving. Only a few scratches on the fender of the car. Thank God for rubber bumpers! I was more shook up than anything. The car is not worse for the wear. But what came over me when I saw where it had stopped...one more fence post down, and it would have hit a cement light pole. Oh, the lessons I must learn! Boy, do I need a fenced yard.

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