Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fish Cook-Out

Good Friday, was a good day to have a Fish Cook-Out! Steve organized the day, and arranged for us to be able to actually prepare and cook our own fish. It was marvelous, all 18 of us, working around a wood cook stove in the back room of this fish farm. We each prepared our own fish with fresh herbs, oils, limes/lemons, salt rubs, floor mixes, homemade concoctions, or any combination there of. Then we cooked them in pans over the open fire from the stove. Bless the lady's heart, she never once got angry or pushy with us all there cooking our own fish. Not the same as a Fish Fry, but much better. They do offer it deep fried, but being much more health conscious, we opted to do the organic method. What fun it was! The day was beautiful.

One can catch their own fish from the ponds. It is a beautiful setting, relaxing and large enough to accommodate many at one time.

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